Thursday, April 5, 2012

What menus can do for you

I live off of lists, lists, lists. I have to be organized or I get overwhelmed and end up getting nothing done! One list I always make is my family's weekly menu. When I started writing down a weekly menu our grocery bill was cut in half! Not only that, I know what I will be making each evening for dinner so I can prepare accordingly. I always love looking at other's menus to get ideas for mine. So, here's my menu for this week! Yes, I'm odd and grocery shop on Thursdays. It is a day that usually has far less people at the commissary. :)

Thurs: Breakfast- Peanut butter toast on whole grain bread/Bananas
            Lunch- cheese/chicken quesadilla/ Sun chips
            Dinner-  Tacos

Fri:      Breakfast- Cereal/grapefruit
            Lunch- Turkey Club sandwich/apple/more Sun chips (LOVE them!)
            Dinner- Pizza night

Sat:      Breakfast- Waffles/eggs
            Lunch- Chicken nuggets/green beans/Bananas
            Dinner- Cheeseburgers/Fries/Baked Beans/Watermelon (cook out)

Sun:     Breakfast- Cinn rolls/grapes
             Lunch- mac n cheese (find a great homemade recipe!)/Peas/Oranges
             Dinner- Spaghetti & meatballs/salad/garlic bread

Mon:    Breakfast- Oatmeal or cereal/blueberries
             Lunch- Classic PB&J/ Bananas/cooked carrots
             Dinner- Baked Chicken/Pasta/Green Beans

Tues:    Breakfast- Pancakes/Strawberries
             Lunch- Spaghetti O's/ Cheese slices/ salad
             Dinner- Grilled Cheese and Tomato/ Soup/Corn

Wed:     Breakfast: Cinn toast/ grapes
              Lunch: Egg salad sandwich
              Dinner: Talapia ( so many great recipes for talapia online)/Sweet potato fries/ broccoli and 


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