Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It seems that Little Bear's behavior comes and goes. I have noticed that he will go months with great improvements. Months where he loves to spend time with the family and play. Then it goes to a month or so of him always wanting to be on his own. I've noticed this week he has changed a bit. He comes home from school and goes to his room to lay in his bed. He stays upstairs when everyone else is downstairs and he's just not as energetic. When this happens the first thing that comes to mind is "is he sick?". Nope he's not sick. So, my mission is to try to find out what causes these ups and downs in his mood and behavior. I want to get to the bottom of it so he enjoys family time. It could be something in his diet, or not getting enough sleep, or maybe even something going on with his buddies at school. We all have our down days and days when we'd rather be left alone. I just wish it didn't last so long in Little Bear.

My name is David

My Name is David is a great short video about autism. I love this! The voice is of an autistic 14 year old boy. I think this video is great for classrooms to teach children about their peers that may have autism. The more we know about it, the less it will seem different. There are so many people diagnosed with autism that our kids WILL know someone with autism! It is so important that they know what it is. I sent this video into my kid's school to see if they would show it in the classrooms. It is cartoonish so I thought it might keep the children's attention. The principal contacted me and said it was a great video and he loved it! So, I challenge you to send this video to your school principal also! Small things can make a big difference!