Thursday, April 5, 2012

Care package ideas

Here are some of my favorite care package ideas...

-Pictures (you, kids, house, anything familiar)
-Snacks such as chips, tuna packets, granola bars, nuts, beef jerky
-favorite magazines
-cologne, deodorant, lotions that they love, hair gel
-drawings/ letters from you kids or kids you know
-baked cookies (seal up well in tupperware with clear plastic wrap)
-stress relief balls and other fun gadgets ( I loved to get them from
-Sea monkeys (this one makes them smile. They don't make it home though so don't send them if you'll feel bad for the little things!)
-small fleece blankets (team logo's are great for this)
- small rugs or other items to spruce up their room or tent
-movies or tv series they love
-slippers and shower shoes
-nerf footballs
-comic books
-grow your own grass kits
-females love flower growing kits
-inspirational books/cards
-socks (army regs)
-crossword puzzles
-coffee/tea/hot chocolate mix
-reusable cups or mugs
-let your kids pick something fun out at the store and let them send it
-drink mixes such as crystal light
-silly putty
-create your own personalized book at ( I did this and it was a HUGE hit)

I know there are so many more things. Tell me what you would add....


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