Thursday, December 27, 2012

Autism is Not a Tragedy

So many people respond to an autism diagnosis in a negative way. When someone you love is diagnosed, it is not easy to take in. You worry about their future and what you can do to help. Many mothers wonder if they did something wrong (you didn't by the way) and many fathers start doing research to find out exactly what autism is. I am here to tell you that autism is not a tragedy and nothing to become depressed about. We all want what's best for our kids and loved ones. So, it's natural to be concerned that autism will make it impossible for them to have the life we've dreamed of them having. My advice to you is to look outside the box.

Here are some wonderful and unique qualities I can find about my autistic child that are definitely not tragedies. I'm sure you all could add a few to the list also :)

1. He is more laid back. He doesn't let life stress him out and enjoys the simple things.

2. He can draw better than his mom at the age of 6.

3. He has the best memory.

4. He loves to sing and is always cheerful and dancing.

5. He may get stressed about a light bulb that went out, but he is braver than I am when it comes to heights.

6. He finds fun in all he does.

7. He won't eat pizza, but he LOVES baked beans. Those are better for you right?!

There is so much more to my son than autism. He is healthy and loves life. How can he go wrong?

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