Friday, August 24, 2012

Kindergarten has begun!

Our little man has started kindergarten. It's bitter sweet because he is our youngest, but I am really excited for him. We had his first IEP meeting this week and it went great. I was nervous because we recently moved and he was in a new school. His teachers all seem like they will enjoy their year with our son. I found out that he has only had to leave the classroom once over a meltdown due to lights. Lights are a big thing with him. Usually, he is upset if they are off. This time, he told his teacher they were too bright. So, they dim the lights when he says they are too bright. I love that the school cares enough to understand his demands. They know little things can make him feel very anxious, and they want him to be comfortable at school. That is every mom of a special needs child's dream. I was also super excited to hear that they will not be changing any curriculum for him. He is learning on the same level as his peers. This was such good news to me because I know he can do it! I'm just so happy the year is off to a good start!

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